Garhwal Himalayan Village Project



The Garhwal Himalayan village project aims to bring employment to remote areas and empower/ educate women and children in Garhwal Himalayas. In 2018/2019 we strive to build an after school, community hall and have regular doctor visits to these communities.

“We believe taking people through these remote areas is highly beneficial for one’s physical, mental and emotions health”.

Our dream is to improve the lives of many village men, women and children. We aim to help the local people who have been living on this land for over many generations and encourage those who have left due to harsh living conditions, to return. These lands are some of the most organic areas on this planet, clean air, fresh water and a view that will captivate you for a lifetime. 

Garhwal Himalayan Village Project also offers personalized volunteer programs for the students, travellers and professionals of all age group to experience a different perspective in the Himalayas. Through our carefully designed program, you get a chance to make a difference in the lives of the children and the people of the Himalayas. We are a team of like-minded people working together to make a difference into the lives of the local communities in the Himalayas.

Our Vision

Garhwal Himalayan Village Project vision is to provide quality educational opportunities to the much needier children of the Himalayas. Through successful initiation and implementation of our educational model projects, we aim to have a wider outreach in the remotest and farthest corners in the Himalayas. We foresee a great future for the underprivileged and disadvantaged children as given them the right environment and opportunities they can be integrated into the mainstream society.

Our Mission

  1. Supporting remote Communities and stop migration from Village/villages by creating job opportunities for the habitants of the village/villages.
  2. To give every child the gift of education & Kids Development (After School Project & Creative School)
  3. Women Empowerment (Self-sustainable development of handicrafts through community improvement)

“Overall development of the community of Garhwal hills in the issue of their health, education, habitat and livelihood for the betterment of their lifestyle.”

1: After School Project

Garhwal Himalayan Village Project offers the vision that every child, regardless of caste or creed, has the right to a home, proper nutrition, quality education and primary health care. Up in the mountains many children do not have these basic necessities. Garhwal Himalayan Village Project offers a sanctuary for these children.

After school program is run in the Rudraprayag district of the Garhwal Himalayas. The volunteers will work in the after-school centre and organize various enjoyable and creative activities for the children which sharpen their talents and increase their knowledge.

The project is titled ‘The Creative school’. The regular school education seems to be inadequate when it comes to the overall personality development of the Child. The objective is to develop the holistic personality of the children through engaging them in music, dance, art, language and other co-curricular activities. The volunteers will assist in conducting and implementing a wide variety of chosen workshops such as environmental awareness, dance, music, drama, art, culture, writing, folk, outdoor sports and ancestral pride, language classes and many more.

“We believe every kid is special. We help them to grow and develop their life skills to their best and shine like a diamond in the sky “

Main Focus on Kids:

  • Personality Development
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Quality Education
  • Primary Health Care
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Outdoor sports education
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Extra co-curricular activities

2: Stop Migrations of Villagers

In last few decades the 55% of the villages are empty now and still every year there is a massive migration. Some of the villages are also nick named the “Ghost Villages”.  A massive population from the villages moved to the big cities with their families for the jobs, kids education and to earn their livelihood.  This brought a massive negative change in the culture and on the lifestyle of the villagers. Most of them do little jobs in restaurants, hotels, fuel stations etc etc. and most of them being also exploited. The migration is even not helping the villagers and in worst case scenarios their health is seriously getting worst.

3: Farm to Table (Organic Farming)

We aim to help the local people who have been living on this land for over many generations and encourage those who have left due to harsh living conditions, to return. These lands are some of the most organic areas on this planet, clean air, fresh water and a view that will captivate you for a lifetime. 

We spent over a year searching every nook and corner of the Himalayas in our area to find the village Dangiya, nestled deep in the oldest conifer-pine forest in our state. It was sad for us to see the migration on a massive scale in this beautiful village. Our aim is to create the Organic farming opportunities for the villagers.  Our target is to give an income of atleast $250 per family.

We plan to help the community by making a connection between their farms and food industry in Rishikesh and nearby areas. This will generate the direct income for the habitants of the village.

4: Women Empowerment

With our friends from BGS (, we would like to open a local manufactured handicraft centre for the village ladies. Our aim is to provide them a better and healthy working condition in the beautiful environment of the village.  The income generate from the centre will directly will be received by the ladies working in the project.

These ideas are just a start. We would like the volunteers to let us know for more creative ideas to help this community and help them to stay in their villages in the lap of Mother Nature & Himalayas.

For more information & supporting the project check the link below:

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