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Slovenia is a small country in Central Europe, bordering Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. Soča Valley is a small region in the North-west corner of the country surrounded by the high peaks of the Julian Alps; it’s a paradise for all of you who want to slow down, decompress and ignite their soul. This region is sought out by many Europeans & International travellers as a remote destination with extreme and rugged natural beauty.

Slovenia is unknown to many travellers and off the beaten path which makes it the perfect getaway, devoid of crowds and traditional touristic nightmares. It’s considered one the adrenaline capitals of Central Europe and contains unparalleled beauty and charming culture.


Garhwal region is of considerable significance in Hindu mythology. Home of many mountain ranges, Garhwal Himalaya offers a great opportunity to trek and explore some of the remotest mountain area giving you a chance to have close encounter and witness different life styles, settlement patterns, jewelry, different food & food styles & above all to give you some of rarest moments of life captured in your cameras.
Nanda Outdoor & Retreats take you to some of the exclusive spiritually vibrant places and practicing the ancient Indian science of yoga & meditation in the place of its origin.


Ladakh or "Little Tibet" as it is known is one of the most remote areas of India, lying to the north of the Great Himalaya on the Tibetan Plateau and to the south of the Karakorams. It remained isolated for centuries to the outside world due to its inaccessibility, and the strategic position it occupies in the northern frontier. Ladakh has a rich cultural and religious heritage as can be seen from the centuries old monasteries, some of them built on sheer cliffs and still functioning actively. Ladakh offers its visitors some rare sights like the 130km long expansive magical Pangong Lake, lying at 4267m and partly in China. The spectacular view of the Changchenmo range of mountains reflects itself in the ever changing blues and greens of the lake.

On our trips we travel through the ancient kingdom of Ladakh, soaking in the beauty of its captivating landscape, visiting monasteries, villages, palaces and humble homes, meeting people from all walks of life and understanding their way of life and culture; a journey that will truly make you want to return - such is the mesmerizing effect of the hospitable people in this enchanting Buddhist land called Ladakh.

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