Team of Nanda Outdoor & Retreat

Nanda Elizabeth Joshi (The Dream)

Nanda Elizabeth Joshi is a daughter of Mukesh Joshi and Lisette Helena Waalewijn Joshi. Being raised is two different cultures she is a perfect mix of East and West. Her name is derived after the holiest and the highest peak of Garhwal Himalayas called Mt. Nanda Devi (7648mts). She is a symbol of Love, Care, & Happiness. She is a big inspiration to open Nanda Outdoor & Retreats and to help and support the communities and bring a great Joy and Charm in their life.

Favourite Quote: "Om Namah Shivay".

Meet The Team

Our professional team will be with you during your staying

Core Team

Brij Mohan Joshi
Founder & Owner

Brij Mohan Joshi is born and raised in the high land of Garhwal Himalayas. He has spend a major part of his life in the mountains and in the holy city of Rishikesh. He moved to Rishikesh around 50 years ago. After experiencing big changes in mountains, especially the destruction of local Garhwali culture and traditions and villagers migrating to the cities, he decided to open Nanda Outdoor and Retreats with an aim to stop migration and create job opportunities for the villagers and also to save the rich culture and traditions of Garhwal. His mission in life is to reconnect his tribe and many others back to the land belonging to them while improving their quality of life.

Favourite Quote:  "Do good, get good and forget about the Rest".

Mukesh Joshi
Field Operations, Customer Relations, Logistics, Certified River & Trek Guide, Karma Yogi

Mukesh Joshi is the son of Brij Mohan Joshi and is a mountain man from birth, born and raised alongside the Mother Ganges. He belongs to Garhwali people, a tribe from the foothills of the Himalayas. He has a vast experience of river and mountain guiding in India and internationally. For him, everything starts with nature and ends with nature. He is very passionate about working outdoors and feels it’s vital for one's mental, emotional and spiritual health. He aim to bring an education system to the mountains where every child, woman and man has the opportunity to dream and think outside the square. He strive to encourage and support them in making their dreams become a reality.

Favourite Quote:  "Never give up and I believe nature helps us to accept the reality of our personal journey, called life". 

Lisette Helena Waalewijn Joshi
Retreat Planner & Organizer, Personal Coach, Certified Ayurvedic Therapist & Diet Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher

Lisette is born and raised in The Netherlands. She is the wife of Mukesh Joshi. After her first visit to India she falls in love with India and mainly with the Garhwal Himalayas. She has done her 200 and 500 hrs Yoga teacher training courses. She is also a certified Ayurvedic Consultant, blood analysist, therapist and mindfullness coach. She plays a vital role in providing the food menus on the base of guest needs. Her aim is also to spread the knowledge of Ayurveda among the villagers of Garhwal Himalayas who are rapidly forgetting it in the modern times.

Favourite Quote:  "Never give up and I believe nature helps us to accept the reality of our personal journey, called life". 

Yoga & Spiritual Gurus

Yoga Guru Chaitanya
Studied in Bihar School of Yoga, Certified Yoga Teacher by Ministry of Ayush, Naturopath, & Yoga Philosopher)

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Satendra Bisht (Sadhu)
Certified 200& 500 hrs yoga TTC

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Jatin Tomar
Masters in Physical Education, Brand Ambassdor of Yoga in Armenia , Certified yoga teacher by Quality Concil of India (QCI)

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Devendra Uniyal
Masters in Sanskrit Vedic Studies & Astrology

Devendra Uniyal is young and dynamic personality of our team. He has a degree of Vedic Astrologer from Sanskrit University of Garhwal. He pursued his astrology knowledge from the very beginning of his life from his parents and grandparents. His knowledge in astrology is super extraordinary and it helps our guest to guide a way in their life journey. Along with Vedic astrology he is also a traditional musician and spiritual teacher.

Favourite Quote:  "Karmas decide your fate and destiny. Nobody is born with good or bad luck. You create your own destiny". 

Field Operations Team

Mariko Obikawa
Expedition & Trek Leader

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Vikram Hirani
Certified River and Trek Guide

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Anil Saklani
Assistant Trek Guide & Chef

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Narendra Bisht
Certified River Guide & Trek Guide

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Ankush Bhandari
Asisstant Trek Guide

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Ashish Chamoli
Asisstant Trek Guide

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Village Project Team

Taran Jenkins

Taran Jenkins, is a founder of Creating Space Yoga Retreats & Kids Creating Space. She is from Australia and on a mission to improve the well-being of communities in Australia and North India. She is a certified Yoga Teacher and currently run yoga retreats around the globe and implement a wellbeing /yoga program in schools in rural Australia and Garhwal Himalayas. She is passionate about the environment, the human race and change. She believes in living sustainably and feels deeply inspired by the Garhwali people.

Favourite Quote: "This is the life, #Despacito"

Himanshi Joshi

Born and raised in a very remote village of Garhwal Himalayas, Himashi Joshi is a source of inspiration for many young girls in the villages. She is the first beautiful women to join our team. She breaks the prototype of marrying in very early age in the orthodox communities of the villages. She pursued her basic education in English language and computers. She is our very special guest co-ordinators and a big helping hands on our trips. Her aim is to help the young girls and the women of the village to know their rights and work for their empowerment.

Favourite Quote: "Accept the Challenge and make it happen".