Yoga is friendship , yoga is health, yoga is education , yoga is life and yoga brings the world together. Himalayas have been a great inspiration for the spiritual practitioners, yogis, saints and as well as Healers, from time immemorial. Experienced by many practitioners and yogis as a very powerful energy centers on the Earth, these sacred mountains have been inspiring many seekers till today.

We believe retreat is an innate human need to reconnect and recharge, to nourish our soul and gather strength and conviction on our inner journey.

We designed our retreats in such a way that they are perfect for new people (beginners) or those already experienced.

We invite individuals, couples, family with kids and anyone who want to experience the best part of the Himalayas and it’s culture.

Our retreats are raw retreats for those interested in the beauty of nature, detaching from western world and moving closer to the self. Our retreats are pure combinations of Nature, Himalayas, Village home stays, culture, spiritual, wellness and much more things.

Our Motto : Our retreats are designed to help you to achieve a better understanding of yourself and wishfully the role and purpose of life.

"An open heart and mind is a must for our retreats.” Namaste